»The perfect interplay of individuals results in something great.«
What can be expected from state-of-the-art project management:
  • Clear representation of your needs and requirements
  • Coordination of several individuals with different tasks and goals
  • Easy retrieval of information and recorded processes
  • Controlled access via a clear permissions scheme
  • Provision of personalized information, optimized for each user's understanding
Why SharePoint is the right choice:
  • Proven extensions are already available
  • It provides flexible configuration for increased efficiency
  • It allows for reduction of manual work
  • It assigns individual rights according to roles in the project
  • It allows for structured storage of tasks and data and provides an audit trail
  • Centralized storage avoids redundancy
Why vision2feature is the right partner:
  • Proven implementation of numerous applications
  • Our personal experience in the development and use of project management software